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  • About us

    Established in 2012, Integrative Design & Project Management (IDPM) is an interdisciplinary ecology, engineering, design and project management business, operating globally from Singapore.


    We have an outstanding team with diverse ecological engineering, architecture, science and management experience with backgrounds in energy & building design, building automation & controls, facilities management, energy efficiency & renewable energy financing and cloud-based software design & deployment.



    Because of the pivotal role we play in your business, IDPM is committed to delivery of tangible results that create and maintain strong relationships with our customers, building a foundation of excellence and trust.

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  • What we do

    Some of our services

    Zero Waste

    Why reduce waste when you can have Zero Waste?

    Property-scale modular containerised systems that can turn your waste streams into Gold! Please contact us for more information!

    Glass Bottle Water Bottling Plants -

    Zero Waste Water

    Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles from your Operations

    We design, build and sell Glass Bottle - Water Bottling Plants. The lowest hanging fruit for becoming Zero Waste is the elimination of plastic water bottles from your operations. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, factories, anywhere that you currently supply or sell plastic water bottles or large gallon bottles.

    Sustainable Mining

    Transitioning the Resource Sector

    We work with Global Resource companies on all aspects of Mining & Energy project Operations from Energy, Water & Waste through to Mine Site Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Cost Estimates & Post Use Planning as Renewable Energy Hubs.

    End-to-End Project Management

    Trusted Advisor

    Our world-class client-side project management extends across all stages of the design and delivery process, from pre-planning and concept through to delivery and operational performance.

    MEP - Audit-Design-Build-Operate

    Turnkey Contracts

    Guaranteed Energy Saving Projects through Fixed-Price Lump-Sum Design-Build and Turnkey Contracts underwritten by Insurance Bond or Bank Guarantee.

    Chiller Plant Optimisation

    Performance Guaranteed 

    We have deep domain knowledge in the Commissioning, Recommissioning, RetroCommissioning and Optimisation of  Centralised Chiller plant performance. 

    Energy Audits

    Finding the negawatt

    Energy Audits (ASHRAE Level I, II & III) with equipment calibrated to exceed International Measurement & Verification Standards (ASHRAE: 22 and AHRI 550/590).

    Energy Services & Consulting

    Finding and mining the negawatt

    New Build Design If engaged prior to the appointment of the architect and by utilising Integrative Design we can deliver CAPEX savings of between 5-12% whilst delivering OPEX savings of 50%+ over traditionally designed buildings.


    Building Retrofit (40-70% savings) We dig deep for energy savings and go well beyond the typical 10-30% savings served up by ESCO's today.

    Third Party Design Review

    A fresh set of eyes

    An independent design review differs from one engineering firms internal QA checking. A fresh and independent set of eyes can look beyond the design firms internal design practices and may prevent the misapplication of a generation of project or engineer to the next.

    We also work with the chosen design team to nominate high performance metrics for key energy consuming plant and equipment taking a whole-systems approach.

    Simplification of complex M&E

    Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

    Simplification of complex Mechanical & Electrical problems that realise potential increases in useable GFA, improved comfort and user experience, whilst delivering lower OPEX.

    Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    Healthy Buildings & Wellness

    Resolution of CO2 and RH issues while delivering substantial increases in energy efficiency that deliver reduced OPEX.

    Asset Acquisition engineering system Due Dilligence

    Developing the business case

    Identifying the hidden costs and opportunities that release value after completion of the transaction.

  • Who We Are

    We are an outstanding team with diverse engineering, architecture, science and management backgrounds in energy and building design, building automation & controls, facilities management, energy efficiency financing, and cloud-based software design & deployment.   

    Nigel Grier

    Chief Executive Officer


    Nigel is an optimist and believes that each of us can make a difference, he understands that interdisciplinary teams using integrative design can help co-create our preferred common future. He knows we don't need too many new technologies we just need to integrate and importantly deploy what we have. To do that we need to work more collaboratively, engage broader stakeholders, get people talking to each other (early on) especially architects and engineers, step out of our comfort zone and use our collective intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to solve the wicked problems of our time.


    Mark Davis

    Principal Environmental Advisor

    Mark is a veteran Resources & Energy industries Technical & Regulatory Advisor. He has tertiary qualifications in Engineering, Geo-Chemistry, Law & Planning. Mark's deep domain experience gives IDPM a competitive advantage in the Sustainable Mining space and positions us to offer world class advice to companies genuinely looking to transition to a Clean & Sustainable Future. In 2007 Mark was selected and personally trained by Al Gore in Climate Leadership. He's been helping Resource & Energy giants in this space ever since.

    Dr. Paul Olivier

    Technical Advisor

    Dr. Paul Olivier is a living legend in the realm of Waste Transformation. Having had a successful career in practically every aspect of Commercial Waste Transformation and made his many investors hundreds of millons of dollars. Paul now spends his time working with a network of extraordinary people committed to transforming lives on the of the world's poorest through the 'Four Levels of Waste Transformation'.


    ESD Specialist

    Kanagaraj is an architect and building energy efficiency enthusiast. He foresee himself as a "synergist" for mainstreaming integrated design process and system thinking approach for energy efficient building design. He is proficient in using dynamic energy simulation tools and climate based daylighting analysis tools, which are used to evaluate performance of buildings and energy efficiency strategies.

  • Integrative Design Process

    Design as a Learning Spiral

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  • Our approach

    Some of our features and toolkit

    12 Step Integrative Design Process

    Tunnelling through the cost barrier

    IDPM tunnels deep for Energy-Efficiency.  We go well beyond the typical 10-30% savings offered by traditional Energy Service Companies (ESCO)'s.  In fact, we regularly deliver savings of between 40-70% below the operating or design baseline, far exceeding our competitors.


    We achieve extraordinary results that deliver significant OPEX savings through our unique 12-Step Integrative Design Process:


    1. Define Service Demands and Needs 
    2. Reduce Needs Through Passive or Whole-Systems Measures 
    3. Systems Design 
    4. Deploy Energy-Efficient Technology   
    5. Integration of Renewable Energy
    6. Use of Sophisticated Controls and Demand Response
    7. Harvesting and Reuse of Waste Streams
    8. Appropriate Performance Metrics
    9. Professional Commissioning
    10. Harness the Cloud through Live Measurement & Verification of System Performance
    11. Operator and End-User Sustainable Behaviour Training
    12. Performance Management of Facility through Constant Commissioning

    Design Charrettes

    Starting early

    A charrette is a highly integrative design workshop with an ambitious deliverable. They are intensive, participatory, multi-stakeholder, and transdisciplinary. This makes them highly effective tools for quickly reaching consensus on general goals and specific courses of action, establishing specific targets for performance, and assigning responsibilities 

  • Biomimicry

    Design inspired by nature!

  • Our Work

    We deliver radical reductions in energy & water use through our turnkey M&E, Automation & Controls contracting in the energy, water and waste management markets of SE Asia

    Cempedak Island -

    Glass Bottle Water Bottling Plant

    RO Remineralised Water in Glass Bottles

    IDPM delivered a design-build contract for a Glass Bottle Water Bottling plant for Cempedak Island's Base Station at Kawal as further evidence of their Sustainability commitments. Local water is filtered using Reverse Osmosis then Remineralised and hygienically bottled onsite for supply to Island guests in their rooms.

    Renewable Energy - Intermittent

    2.5MW Distributed Solar PV

    IDPM through our Wholly owned Subsidiary PT Micro Utility Partners is delivering 2.5MWp of distributed Solar PV for the Selong Selo project in South Lombok, Indonesia

    Renewable Energy - Continuous

    10MW Biomass Power Plant

    IDPM through our Wholly owned Subsidiary PT Micro Utility Partners is developing a 10MW Continuous Power Biomass Power Plant in South Lombok, Indonesia

    Boutique Hotel Singapore

    V-Chill system efficiency of 0.56 kW/RT

    Boutique hotel with 204 rooms in vibrant Geylang Singapore.

    Attained Singapore Green Mark Platinum in year 2014.


    Client had concerns on the ability the Chiller Plant to meet Platinum requirement of 0.70 kW/RT for boutique hotel category with consultant design load of 100 RT.


    With vChill Design and Build, the actual load was 50 ~ 85 RT with performance exceeding all expectations with operating average of 0.56 kW/RT. This is a classic example of being able to deliver less at higher efficiency in order to service the hotel efficiently.


    Before: Air Cooled Chiller operating @ 3kW/RT

    After: Water Cooled Chiller System operating at 0.56kW/RT

    Savings: 2.44 kW/RT or 81.3%

    Hotel Chiller Plant Upgrade - Jakarta

    Energy & Water Savings Performance Contract


    IDPM is currently undertaking a Design, Build, Finance, Operate & Transfer (DBFOT) contract to upgrade a 300 room hotel's centralised Chiller Plant System (chillers, pumps & cooling towers) 100% off-balancehseet funded through shared energy savings.


    Before: 1.38kW/RT

    After: <0.60 kW/RT

    Energy Savings: 0.78kW/RT or 56.5% (projected)


    Water Savings: 9.4ML/year or >90%

    Mixed Use Development Singapore

    Existing building retrofit with V-Chill delivering 0.60kW/RT 

    Prime 20-storey office building with 6-level of retail shopping mall, in central Orchard Road, Singapore.

    Attained Singapore Green Mark Platinum Certification on March, 2011.


    Client's goal for Sustainability and operational excellence drove the implementation of our vChill system in 2012 to improve the overall Chiller Plant system performance from 0.75 kW/RT to 0.65 kW/RT with a simple ROI of less than 3 years.


    After installation of vChill the optimised chiller plant is consistently operating at 0.60 kW/RT or better.


    Before: 0.75 kW/RT

    After: <0.60 kW/RT

    Savings: 0.15 kW/RT or 20%

    Samsung Electronics R&D Building Korea

    Energy Consultant in collaboration with Atoware Korea Co. Ltd

    Systems Integrator

    • 20%+ Operational Energy savings for chiller plant
    • Improved AHU performance through proper chilled water head pressure and called water flow

    LG Solar Factory - Gumi, South Korea

    Energy Consultant in collaboration with Atoware Korea Co. Ltd

    Systems Integrator

    • Install accurate M&V system for visualisation of Chiller Plant performance.
    • Install water treatment system for Cooling Towers

    Trans-Borneo Railway

    Planning & Tender Board

    IDPM is engaged by the Brunei Darusalaam Business Council of the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines- East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) to prepare the project White Paper and run the Global Tender for Consultants for Pre-Feasibility & Concept Design.

    Karen State Eco-Lodge Network

    Development Managers

    Karen Enterprises is developing a network of Sustainable Luxury Eco-Hotels & Spa throughout the Karen State of Burma. IDPM has been appointed as their exclusive development manager for the execution of the project development program.

    Sustainable Luxury Lodges Bhutan

    Engineering Services Partnerships

    IDPM is entering into an engineering services partnership to deliver off grid renewable energy, water and waste services to a network of luxury lodges in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

    Sustainable Office Fitout Singapore

    Sustainable Office fitout

    IDPM delivered a design-build contract for Veloqx Singapore's head office. Some of the Sustainable features of the office were LED lighting, low VOC paint, fixtures, laminates and glue, Interface carpet, installation of blinds and increased lighting to controls.

  • Sustainable Development

    development meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

  • Our Partners

    Centripetal Group

    Micro-Utility Developer

    Centripetal Group is a ecosystem services project developer. We develop local infrastructure projects funded through the utility business model and Design-Finance-Build-Operate-Transfer (DFBOT) delivery where project CAPEX is often funded through longterm service level agreements for energy, water and waste management. We call these micro-utilities.


    ecological design & project management

    Zingspace is an Australian based interdisciplinary design & project management practice, where the principles of ecology & philosophy of systems thinking integrate the design disciplines of architecture & engineering with construction and operational management.

    Integrative Design & Project Management 

    Expanding returns in energy efficiency

    'V-Chill', our unique Enterprise Energy Management System, harnesses the power of the cloud to allow you to monitor your chilled plant operations (and other services) from anywhere in the world through web enabled devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop etc).

    With V-Chill's powerful 3-D data visualisation technology, we will distil the complex and overwhelming engineering data to present as meaningful management information. We develop customised dashboards for the relevant audience, such as Chief Engineer, GM, CFO and operator etc.

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